QUICKIE: Waiting... (Rob McKittrick, 2005)

Waiting is an uproar that has a bit more storyline than Clerks, a lot less modesty than The 40-Year Old Virgin and is sure to become a cult classic. Partially through the eyes of a rookie server we are led through a moderately realistic day inside an Americana-style restaurant called Shenanigans. The levels of depravity to which the rookie's new co-workers stoop shock, disgust and eventually... that's right... enlighten.

One of the things that makes Waiting so funny is the familiarity of the setting. This place looks exactly like every Friday's or Bennigan's we've ever been to. The humor is backed by a delicious (yep) ensemble cast that embraces it. Some may expect the gross humor to make you think twice each time you bite into an entree and maybe it will for some... but amongst it I actually found a better respect for people who work as servers for a living. Surely this will hit home with many people who have been there, done that and hopefully moved up and out.

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