QUICKIE: Good Night, & Good Luck (George Clooney, 2005)

This is an important film concerning topics that are seemingly more poignant today than they ever have been, and it knows it. In the way that we can watch a movie and pass off certain things by saying it's "just a movie," "Good Night, And Good Luck." is most certainly not "just a movie."

Murrow's opening speech of the film, as he gave it in October, 1958, makes note that recorded news as the Columbia Broadcast System was making is what historians in fifty to one hundred years will have to look back on for information. Here we are, almost fifty years after that statement, and we are looking back.

George Clooney's hands are clearly at incredible work here, yet they remain away from signatures or outstanding styles to the advantage of the film's purpose. Good Night is patient, and each scene bests being merely a sum of the parts, making for an internally intense and broadening experience.