Price: $2.99
Found at: Local Wine/Spirits
Key herbals: Ashwaganda, Ginseng, Guarana, Horny Goat Weed, Skull Cap, White Willow
Food in play: 2 Slices Tomato Pizza
Circumstance: Noon pick-me-up after an eventful morning

Taste: This one really comes down to preference. The unique and highly satisfying texture I experienced with Crunk's citrus incarnation is present and while the pomegranate flavor is rather tasty on a base level it reminds me a bit too much of those box juices I used to bring to kindergarten. Definitely refreshing and definitely recommended... in the future I'll lean towards the citrus, though.(4.5/5)

Effect: Just like last time, this can of Crunk gave me the best boost I've gotten from an energy drink. I felt rejuvenated as opposed to running on empty, my mood was improved and I pretty much felt good on the whole. This lasted well into the evening. (5/5)

Skinny: I have to admit I was wary about trying the original Crunk after loving the line's citrus offering so much but this one really paid off. The slight hit the almost perfect score took can easily be chalked up to personal taste and the smooth texture goes a long way. Crunk remains the king of energy drinks.

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