Full Throttle Fury


Price: $1.99
Found at: Local Wine/Spirits
Key herbals: Ginseng, Guarana, Taurine
Food in play: 4-Cheese Hot Pocket
Circumstance: Midday boost

Taste: My experiences with Full Throttle flavors aside from the original citrus prior to trying this variation haven't been very positive. Thankfully Fury changed all that. Apparently those other flavors have been discontinued (judging from the content of fullthrottleenergy.com, anyway) and with how good Fury tastes compared to those old offerings it's no wonder it's stuck around. I knew there was a reason Full Throttle was by far my favorite energy drink back in 2006 - it's quality stuff. It was also very refreshing - I wanted another can as soon as I was through and the orange flavor is just as good as any of the best orange drinks available. Leave it up to the Coca-Cola company to get this right, I guess. (5/5)

Effect: Another great thing about Full Throttle is the reliable boost. Sure, there were a few jitters but they passed after about the first hour (the drink kicked in 15 minutes after I was through with the can). It kept me in top form for at least five hours without making me feel bloated and gassy. (4.5/5)

Skinny: At this height of energy drink mainstreaminess (if you will), Full Throttle's excellent flavor and superb kick easily blow the competition out of the taurine-infused water.

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