Monster Lo-Carb


Price: $0.88 (Sale: 8 for $7)
Found at: Target
Key herbals: Ginseng, Taurine
Food in play: None
Circumstance: Making the evening last longer; getting lost on central Florida's highways.

Taste: I've previously expressed my distaste for the regular Monster's flavor but oddly enough this one was more tolerable. As expected, it tastes basically the same but this time lets your gag reflex relax. (2/5)

Effect: I wasn't surprised to feel extremely awake after this one. Although the regular Monster did take a big score hit due to some nasty side effects, this line is pretty well known for its boost. I was up for hours with no notable detractors. (4/5)

Skinny: What Monster lacks in taste it makes up for with its massive boost and this lo-carb offering is an improvement on both fronts - slightly better taste and no side effects.

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