Monster (Take Three)


Price: $0.88 (Sale: 8 for $7)
Found at: Target
Key herbals: Ginseng, Taurine
Food in play: 1/2 Sleeve o/Saltines
Circumstance: Packing in preparation for a cross-country relocation

Taste: Considering the deal I got on these, hopefully it's understandable that I bought a bunch even though I constantly give them bad reviews. Nothing's changed flavor-wise since the last time... I was likely even more prepared for the bad taste this time but that preparation didn't lead to better results. (1.5/5)

Effect: Just like last time, for some reason this third attempt took a bit longer than usual to kick in, but once it did it held up to Monster's good reputation for boosting my energy. An interesting change for the better this time around was that it didn't make me feel nearly as bloated. Sure, the feeling was there, but in the past it's been nearly debilitating to the point that it practically counters the awesome energy effect. Aside from that there were some jitters but nothing too serious. (3.5/5)

Skinny: Well, congrats, Monster! It took you three tests but you finally managed to up your score beyond a 1.75. Your line is still on the bottom of the heap, though, while the only individual drink that's below you is Rockstar's Sugar Free offering. The total score at the top of this entry reflects the average of all three tests so far.

EDIT: Upon a recheck, it actually turns out that Rockstar's line is in fact at the bottom of the heap... that won't last long though, because there's an original flavor Rockstar in my fridge right now and I already know I love the stuff... May as well count it early.

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