No Fear


Price: $2.49
Found at: Kangaroo Gas Station
Key herbals: Arginine, Taurine
Food in play: 3 Pizza slices with Spinach, Broccoli, Tomato, Garlic; Snacks of crackers.
Circumstance: Attempt to pull an all-nighter with only 3 hours of sleep within the past 24.

Taste: I've gotta hand it to the people behind No Fear - this is one tasty beverage. It has the same flavor kick you might expect from an energy drink but it's smoother and juicier than most. Thoroughly enjoyed. (4.5/5)

Effect: Very subtle energy boost here - I barely noticed that I was being kept awake by anything other than the fact that, well, I wasn't asleep yet. I ended up remaining conscious until around 7:30 AM, and I'm sure I could have easily maintained longer - I just felt like it would be a good idea to keep some semblance of a sleep schedule. No notable side effects. (5/5)

Skinny: A high quality, long lasting supplement that tastes great!

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