Price: $1.99 (8.4oz)
Found at: Local Wine/Spirits
Key herbals: Taurine, Horny Goat Weed
Food in play: 3 Slices Broccoli, Spinach, Tomato Pizza.
Circumstance: Attempt to keep the night going longer.

Taste: If I had closed my eyes, at first I would have thought this was a Red Bull. Then the aftertaste hit me - it was such a nice butterscotch finish that I would barely hesitate to call this the champagne of energy drinks. I enjoyed every last drop. (4/5)

Effect: I wasn't expecting too much, considering the 8.4oz size, but this one did it to me almost as well as I would hope a more standard 16oz helping would. I was up, alert and enjoying my evening with no notable side effects. The effect lasted about 3 hours before I grew weary (but didn't totally crash). (4.5/5)

Skinny: When I see a label on an energy drink that's already well known for a completely different type of product I go in skeptical. Thankfully due to Playboy's reliance on the tried-and-true with just the right amount of uniqueness, this becomes a highly recommended beverage.

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