Rockstar Juiced: Pomegranate


Price: $2.49
Found at: Kangaroo Gas Station
Key herbals: Taurine
Food in play: 2 Slices Tomato Pizza
Circumstance: Evening pick-me-up

Taste: So far I haven't been overly impressed with the Juiced offerings from Rockstar but that's not to say they're terrible. On a base level they live up to their claims and taste pretty... well, juicy. The flavor seems to be missing something though (either that or it has too much of something else) because each time I crack one open I end up underwhelmed. That said, the pomegranate flavor is the best one I've had yet and was easy to get through with the exception of the final few swallows being a touch unforgiving (which is to be expected). (3/5)

Effect: This is where Juiced Pomegranate loses a lot of ground. Similar to other Juiced Rockstars, I felt a brief jolt within minutes but it was gone before I knew it. Sure, there were no side effects (maybe even some cool antioxidant action) but I'd rather get some jitters along with an energy boost as opposed to nothing at all. (0.5/5)

Skinny: With a passable flavor that definitely beats out some competition (*cough* Monster *cough*) comes little else and this beverage turns out being a mere thirst quencher with a tiny, as-you're-drinking-it style kick.

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