Rockstar Sugar Free


Price: $1.99
Found at: Target
Key herbals: Ginseng, Guarana, Taurine
Food in play: 2 Pizza Slices with Tomato and Garlic
Circumstance: Afternoon driving; attempt to wake up a little bit

Taste: It goes without saying that taking the sugar out of something will hit its taste rating... but Rockstar's offering drops even more significantly than expected with this one. It barely seemed like a Rockstar (a drink I'm a big fan of) but I managed to get through it without gagging but I was glad when it was gone. (1.5/5)

Effect: I wish I could say this did more but aside from a slight energy boost (which I'm giving the beverage the benefit of the doubt on... it could have easily just been a second wind) there was nothing but nausea. Persistent nausea, at that. I had to eat something to settle things down. (1/5)

Skinny: I hate giving such a bad rating to one of my favorite lines of drinks but unless we're talking about bubble gum the sugar free stuff has really never been my bag and this is one of the more significant examples. Tack on a some wicked gastrointestinal upset and you have a drink I'll only give a second chance out of serious desperation.

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