Venom: Black Mamba


Price: $2.29
Found at: Target
Key herbals: Guarana, Taurine
Food in play: 2 Pizza slices with Tomato & Garlic
Circumstance: Waking up after sleeping in

Taste: The first thing that hit me about Dr. Pepper/Seven Up's answer to the energy drink market was its odd texture. It was like someone made a Red Bull Cola milkshake and let it sit in the sun for 2 days. The taste was soft for the first few sips and I was thinking it would be easy to get through despite the texture. After only about a 1/3rd of the way through, however, it became more difficult to swallow... as if the flavor hadn't risen completely to the top or perhaps the fact that it had been out of the refrigerator a few minutes made the taste unfavorably bold. I was happy to have this one over with when the last drop had finally been consumed. (1/5)

Effect: For a duration lengthy enough to have given up keeping track of it, I didn't realize the sort of effect Venom had on me. I was certainly neither drowsy the way I usually am after sleeping in several hours nor was I feeling any side effects (aside from the initial belly ache that passed before I knew it). Once I began to get more active, however, I noticed that the typical, minor aches and pains associated with no longer being six years old weren't present. I was moving around like I someday wanted to be a cowboy or an astronaut. It actually felt really, really good. The effect lasted throughout the afternoon. (4.5/5)

Skinny: Despite its strange flavor and texture that was difficult to stomach, Venom had a really cool effect that I totally dug. I'd be more than willing to try out other flavors to find out if there's one I'm more into.

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