Price: $2.49
Found at: Citgo Gas Station
Key herbals: Guarana
Food in play: Multi-grain bagel w/butter; Croissant w/egg, cheese and bacon
Circumstance: Driving to the beach; Beachin' it up!

Taste: Bawls is the first energy drink I ever tasted. This is actually the first time I've had it since then and its uniquely smooth caramel flavor is still tough to argue with. As with most drinks, the flavor's appeal diminishes as the icy temperatures thaw (this aspect likely makes the Bawls bottles a better choice than the cans) but it remains enjoyable. (3.5/5)

Effect: Possibly due to the fact that the only herbal ingredient here is Guarana, the boost was not as strong as other, more loaded drinks, making this a beverage perfect for the situation I was in. I benefited from the extra energy while I was at the beach but it didn't come close to giving me any unwanted side effects. The effect stuck around for about three and a half hours. (4.5/5)

Skinny: Refreshingly different from most beverages on the market, Bawls seems to provide a nice little plus to whatever you may be up to. Doesn't taste half bad, either!

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