Full Throttle Hydration


Price: $1.50
Found at: BP Gas Station
Key herbals: Ginseg, Guarana, Taurine
Food in play: 6" Subway BMT w/Lettuce, Tomato, Jalepeno, Cucumber & Oregano.
Circumstance: Conquering drowsiness for a 4-hour drive from Naples to Orlando, FL.

Taste: The intriguing aspect of Hydration is that it lacks carbonation, a typically essential component in energy drinks. It's also chock full of electrolytes, which is why the Coca-Cola company boasts superior thirst-quenching on the can. Any energy drink regular might be understandably hesitant traversing the new territory, but the Full Throttle name has become fairly well renowned for its capability to diversify and remain successful and thankfully nothing changes with this installment to their line. Hydration goes down like juice thanks to the absence of carbonation and obliterates even the strongest of thirsts (I was really hankerin' for some liquid at the time, let me tell ya). It tastes pretty great, too, considering the herbal content. Think the juice boxes you used to go through as a kid... then think a bit better than that. There you go. (4.5/5)

Effect: For the most part Full Throttle can be relied on for a decent kick and Hydration is no exception. Pretty much as soon as I finished the can I was feeling awake and aware without so much as a hint of a single side effect. The boost lasted at least 6 hours - probably more. (5/5)

Skinny: The Full Throttle line has brought us another unique success - Hydration feels more like a flavor-packed, thirst-quenching Powerade than anything and it'll keep you moving with ease for hours and hours.

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