No Fear Bloodshot


Price: $1.50
Found at: BP Gas Station
Key herbals: Ginseng, Guarana, Taurine
Food in play: None
Circumstance: Evening

Taste: It's only fitting that a drink sharing its name with this blog tastes so darn great. I wish I had saved it for a morning boost rather than evening due to its seemingly authentic orange juice roots (there's also some grape and peach thrown in for good measure). A few energy drinks have tried their hands at the whole juice-based thing but few, if any, have succeeded to this extent when it comes to flavor. (5/5)

Effect: When it comes to juicy beverages like this a decent energy boost is even more rare than perfection in flavor. No Fear's got it right, though, because this one kicked perfectly. I became all the good things you want to become as a result of an energy drink and as an added result my mood was improved despite the stressful day. The effect lasted several hours - certainly long enough to get one through the morning, which appears to be the drink's goal. The only downside was that it made me belch like crazy... but I wasn't too bothered by that seeing as everything else was on the up and up. (4.5/5)

Skinny: Only two cans in to the No Fear line and it's already become one of my favorite drinks that I can easily rely on. Bloodshot finally gets the juice/energy combo right by providing excellent taste and a killer boost. Mark it and mark it well!

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