QUICKIE: Aliens (James Cameron, 1986)

The second installment in the Alien series may well be the very definition of "wild entertainment". Sure, it started as sort of big-budget version of your typical 80's fare but it very soon became an absolute blast - a 'ride through hell' as Cameron put it in the introduction. The extended cut flew right by with awe-inspiring suspense, action, laughs and a touching relationship between Ripley and her new found friend Newt, who was great... and I often hate little kids in movies. There's not a single dull moment to be found as soon as the action begins. I was riveted in the pure escapism and blown away by how absolutely incredible the effects (and how Cameron filmed them) were.

At one point during the climax I actually felt tears of joy welling up due to how modern cinemas never see this kind of quality anymore. Cameron's Aliens is one to look to when wondering how to come into a franchise and improve upon nearly every one of its aspects.

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