QUICKIE: Final Destination 2 (David R. Ellis, 2003)

When I first caught Final Destination 2 in theaters I could barely stand it. I thought it an uneven, stagnant gimmick vehicle that only became lamer as it trudged along. A rewatch verified exactly that but y'know, all that considered it's a pretty fun movie that successfully builds its suspense. Sure, it's got stilted acting, dreadful dialogue, blatant product placement, gaping plot holes and the silliest twists this side of M. Night Shyamagiggles' less successful cousin but if you don't try to invest in it you just might have a good time.

Hackneyed horror hijinks aside, the only real folly of Final Destination's sequel is fleshing out its characters too much, providing them with too many real, relatable emotions. I know, usually my horror movie complaints go the opposite direction but considering this material, developed characters are, in my eyes, missteps. The glorious kills are quite obviously the only reasons this series exists and the only reasons anyone put money down to see it so creating a sympathetic character whose spouse has died then forcing her to witness her child's gruesome dismemberment is a bit harsh when her only purpose is to be gruesomely dismembered herself. Other than that, the CG, which usually ticks me off, is used harmlessly and the occasionally bad editing ultimately leaves the film's mood unaffected.

If anything, this second installment in the franchise is worth a go for the spectacularly effective opening car wreck... although I'm sure that scene and all the other hit-or-miss - but mostly hit - death scenes, for that matter, are on YouTube. No matter your opinion if you do see it, I dare you to erase some of the shock images from your memory.

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  1. Recovered comment posted by r4 dsi on January 6th, 2010:

    After two exciting films, I was expecting the same thrill ride for Final Destination 3. It wasn't as good as the first two but it was still a worthy addition to the franchise. It offered enough thrills and creative kills but it was lacking something the first two had. The first two had a fun factor and they didn't take themselves seriously. Final Destination 3 didn't really have that fun factor and the same tone was kept throughout the film. I still liked the movie but my experience wasn't as memorable as I was hoping it to be.


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