Delayed Growth

My Mac has been down for over a week, hence the long period since the last update. Quite a bit has happened in that time and while I could go in to far too much detail, I'll try to keep things brief (wish me luck).

During a quick trip to Whitegate, a city I have since had no reason to travel to (that being a fact I am quite content with), I noticed someone shouting for the prime avatar battles, a series that culminates with a bout against Fenrir. I hopped on board and while we ended up only doing one that I hadn't previously tackled (Leviathan) I managed to get the Whispers of Gales and Tremors. It's really no matter that we went no further - not too many of us were on the same page and besides, I would have needed a few more whispers than they were willing to get if I was to partake in the final fight. Thalmalkrichten and Pippen are talking about doing a double run for each avatar in the near future, which would most certainly include yours truly. I'd likely turn in my current Whispers for exclusive items.

On the same day as the trio of avatar fights (it was a very, very eventful day) I took my first dip in to the past with the Wings of the Goddess. I used the Cavernous Maw in Rolanberry Fields and, after a very intriguing run-in with a Cait Sith, was plopped in the soon-to-be-blood-soaked Sauromugue Champaign. I made my way to Garlaige Citadel, which, as I suspected, was still under construction and seemingly safe. I thought it was incredibly neat to be able to safely walk the halls of an area I only previously knew to be dangerous. Anyone reading this who has been through the depths of Garlaige's past incarnation is probably already laughing. Yeah... it didn't turn out so safe. Without sneak, invisible or even reraise activated, I was felled rather handily by a vicious bat.

The thing about the Cavernous Maws is that you can only enter from the present through the ones you have unlocked in the past. That meant my only option was to traverse the Banishing Gates with three other adventurers to reach Roc's perch, where the Sauromugue Maw is precariously positioned. Thankfully Thal and Rogare were more than happy to come along and Demeater (with whom, that night, I had a very nice time reminiscing about the good old days) was in need of a coffer from behind the gates so the four of us marched through the ruins of the Citadel to success. Along the way we even found a Bat Cape, which was relinquished to me and sold for 65k!

The money situation is starting to look pretty comfortable. What I currently have (roughly 260k with about 150k or more ready to be sold when Auction House spaces are available) may be considered pocket change to some, but with Vana'diel's economy where it is and my relatively meager needs thus far, it's more than enough. I have gathered the gil through several methods the first being the adoption of a pack-rat mentality. I make sure not to drop anything (well, anything except for rock salt). Even the flint stones my baby Chocobo (Busephalus II, who will become an adolescent tomorrow) finds on her walks in East Sarutabaruta get sent to Lajon (who has transferred to Phoenix) and eventually sold for a little less than 1k/stack.

I have also been leveling low jobs from 5-13 in my favorite section of the Outer Horutoto Ruins. Dancer came first, making the other three, Thief, Samurai and Ninja (which does have Utsusemi: Ichi thanks to my newly discovered Sea Serpent Grotto map) incredibly simple what with Drain Samba ensuring I complete most battles with full health and all. I kill the Goblins for their wild onions (although I accidentally ate one yesterday), their grass thread (a stack of which I, for some odd reason, was compelled to give to a random passerby at the clothcrafting guild) and their fire crystals (that I'm planning on giving to Demeater, who perpetually pecks away at each and every craft). During the trips to and from Horutoto I'll take on giant bees and crawlers for their respective drops, and even those have been making nearly as much profit as the previously mentioned items.

On top of the lowbie farming and the pack-ratting is mining. Yes, more mining! This time with Demeater, who can synthesize much better, pricier items from the ore we collect. I had never duo-mined before but with double the inventory space and the crafting advantage, it worked out fantastically and we made ~100k in under 2 hours in the Zeruhn Mines.

Oh, and - going back to the lowbie jobs - I've leveled Dancer and Ninja beyond Horutoto. Dancer, which I moved to Valkurm at 11 with (and no diatribe, no matter how lengthy and detailed, can accurately describe the ultimate levels of noobery that beach brings out in people), is now eligible to be subbed with Monk (to near invincible results that have already been proven on the Tabars and Weapons of Sauromugue) after an extremely successful four-person party that started in Qufim at 24 and ended in Yuhtunga just shy of 28. I took a lesson from my experience in the dunes, however, and opted to solo Ninja in La Theine Plateau before moving to Tahrongi Canyon. Eventually I'd like both jobs at 37 but for now they will accomplish what I need them to where they are. Speaking of sub-jobs, I whipped out the ol' Black Mage for a quick party the other day. It was the first time in a long time that I've been behind the front line in an experience points party, but I knocked it out of the park, if I may say so myself.

Well, that wasn't so detail-free, was it? Guess I can't help myself. Anyway, on to the real growth. It's not the gil, it's not the levels... it's not the pseudo-uber, pre-AF gi I wear as Monk. It's how I get there. Sure, I may have ended up with around 300k by the time I initially left the server, but that was after a year and a half of unfocused adventuring in a steroid-induced economy. With my return I've nearly matched those accomplishments in less than a month. To be brutally honest, I didn't know what I was doing back then until I arrived at a juncture and crash-coursed it. I was typically pretty successful... but it was a rough ride.

When Lajon stepped in to the Fenrir server, I had more of a head on my shoulders. I could use my mistakes as Kiddoe to yield better profits and speedy leveling etc. Now, however I'm trucking along faster than ever. If you had told my broke, naked self three weeks ago where I'd be in just a short amount of time, I'm not sure I would have believed you. This can be partially attributed to the world's new, accessibility-enhancing features, but I truly think I have my honed skills as an active and discerning member of Vana'diel's community to thank. I sense a new maturity in Kiddoe. She is no longer the doe-eyed mage who moonlights as an axe-wielder. She is now a more rugged and sensible Jill of all trades who will be level 75 without any financial concerns soon enough!

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