Life After All!

Praise be to Vana'diel's dedicated fan base! Upon logging in a second day, I noticed a Lower Jeuno much more like the one I used to know - crowds around the auction house, bazaar operators sitting near the guide stone and adventurers shouting (albeit seldomly) for assistance. Juggalo offered a bit of advice: join up with the linkshell RTVBootCamp, the returning adventurer's support group that even helped him when he was returning from a hiatus. Join I did, with the help of Ellise. I met a friendly group of folks from all stages of the game (and even a few in situations very similar to mine) such as Beranard, Darkevangel, Sabine and Xplosive.

Not only befriending people new to me, I also encountered several refreshingly familiar faces who were, thankfully, just as glad to see me as I was them. Evilkairi (now Evlkairi due to a heinous character theft several years back) still adventures with Sierrah (now Shampayne). Jinksko is still trucking along. Even Mowiezowie is still around. While forging new bonds, it's good to be with old ones, even if they are few and far between anymore.

I remembered a few pieces of mostly useless furniture I had been storing and sold them. The gil from those sales officially heralded me in to a recovery phase as I used it to get my Monk career equipped. Raring to match and surpass the level Monk reached when I marauded as Lajon on Fenrir, I took on both Valkurm Dunes and Qufim Island using two of the very helpful updates - Fields of Valor and Level Sync. I was wary about these updates to begin with, worried they might make the experience far too casual. Turns out they simply make it easier to form a capable, interesting and successful party. Despite my damage dealer status, I was getting parties quicker than ever. One night I even got a chance to tackle Qufim's crustacean population with Juggalo.

Last night I encountered an opportunity to act as White Mage in a party environment once again. The group was looking for skill-ups in Cape Terrigan, so the pressure wasn't on, but it was an excellent opportunity to prove to myself that I could still protect, cure and buff with the best of 'em. I'm rusty, but things went better than expected and I even earned 1,500 experience points from the excursion.

Between parties, I have been lingering in Jeuno, providing a teleport service to get back on my feet financially. No longer do I shout, saying that Holla, Dem and Mea cost 200 gil while Altep, Yhoat and Vahzl run between 500 and 1,000. Now I simply wait for someone in need and accept the amount, typically 1,000 or 2,000 gil. Business is slow but the earnings have been such that I have been able to buy back a few of the items I used to possess, including a Dark Staff.

Things are picking up! I'll soon be exploring the world of Aht Urhgan and soaring on the Goddess' wings. My career as a White Mage is gimped, as some would say, but it's kicking in to gear and Monk is not far behind. I have a long way to go, many dangers to face and many newbies to trample (and you'd better believe it in the short time I've been back I've already had to deal with more than a fair share... one of whom went so far as to silently tarnish my reputation by pinning her fault on yours truly). The adventure continues!

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