Reborn to a Dead World

It took some doing. Between forgetting old addresses and mule names it was getting pretty hairy... but I made it in one piece. Kiddoe is alive thanks to a strong will and a few extra bucks thrown my way by the same person who provided the means in the first place (thanks, Mom).

I appeared precisely where I remember logging out for what was to be the final time... in front of Ru'Lude's flower merchant. My first observation? Ru'Lude isn't nearly as hoppin' a hangout anymore. Bee-lining to the Mog Houses I refreshed my memory as to what items I didn't sell back when I called it quits. Of course I still had my Artifact Armor and my CoP JSE (you know it)... but not much else. I found a few pieces of furniture, some crystals and a very random assortment of cheap melee gear. Worst of all, I only had 559 gil, 200 of which I used for an Airship ride to my hometown.

On the way to the Airship I felt almost like Tom Cruise's character, David Aames, must have in Vanilla Sky's opening scene. Jeuno, just like Times Square in the film, was completely empty. Okay, so there were a few people. I found someone named Monkeyfunbagg and someone else named Plop (whose signature read "Final Fantasy sucks") but for the most part it was a ghost town. I could have cast Benediction and no one but the NPCs would have blinked.

Greeted in Windurst by lively fireworks and warm Summerfest music, I visited the very spot I first popped on the scene. Trying to remain optimistic, I made my way to the Windurst Woods Auction House. If I know anything about Vana'diel, it's that her Auction Houses are always a-bustling. I was wrong. Surely there would be a newbie or two leveling up in Sarutabaruta... right? Wrong again. I was walking through a post-apocalyptic dream of a place I once knew intimately.

Glad my newbie days were long over, I reminded myself of my power with a Teleport-Vahzl. Next up was a Teleport-Holla and a slow stroll to Valkurm. Ah, yes, the Dunes... the centerpiece of the three key cities where most adventurers took part in their first experience point groups (mine was the Maze of Shakhrami but that's only barely worth mentioning since I had no clue what I was doing at the time). The plan was to travel from party to party, providing Raise and Cure spells to those in need. The bleak tone persisted, however, and for most of my patrol I was alone. Thankfully I did find the most action it seemed the server had to offer in a circle of subligar-clad adventurers whacking away at a Goblin. Unfortunately, they were far from needing my assistance.

The portal to the Tavnazian Archipelago nearby, I decided to revisit one of my favorite stomping grounds. Sadly, not fifty steps outside the cave, yours truly forgot that healing before even a seemingly docile adversary - so long as that adversary was once your predator - will evoke aggression. I almost got my butt bitten by a Bugard. Well, at least some form of excitement was recaptured.

I was just about to give up hope for the night, leaving my AFK flag up and hoping a familiar face would drop a line to clue me in, when Juggalo himself sent a friend request. Turns out the areas I'm so keen on aren't all that popular anymore. It's all about some place called Whitegate now. Evilkairi had mentioned something about Whitegate a few years ago. I had been developing a hunch the encountered desolation was result of mere population relocation... but the news did not shake the disappointment that the areas featuring some of my best memories had become little more than lonely wastelands.

So, the Treasures of Aht Urhgan and the Wings of the Goddess still a bit out of reach, I had preliminary steps to make. First on the docket? My pennilessness and barely-there wardrobe. I didn't even have a weapon. The best way I've found to earn gil while staying productive is leveling a new job and while Lajon had his Thief up to 40, I found mine wallowing in single digits... so Thief it was.

The Bastok Auction House completely sapped my wallet when providing me a dagger, so I ventured out to Gustaberg with only a dusty Blood Stone around my neck. I was, by all appearances, a newbie once more. After tackling easy targets for what felt like an hour and discovering a few of the smaller updates the updated Vana'diel has to offer, I accumulated my first level-up in years.

With luck, the next installment in my continuing quest will see the further unfolding of the ghost town mystery. Also, hopefully I will learn why my cooking skill has decreased to 4 and why my Warrior class is off-limits... and maybe, just maybe, I'll get to re-calibrating my macros.


  1. This rocks and I totally want to do this for my char.
    ~ Juggalo ~

  2. Thanks, man! My updates may end up being a bit far between... hopefully at least once a week... because at this early stage when I'm trying to make some gil back and re-earn my good equipment before delving into Aht Urhgan, my free time isn't spent recording my travels... it's spent traveling further! Glad you dig.


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