UPDATE: Welcome to the New WTYWTD!

Yes, the third incarnation of We Told You What To Dream is here at long last! I hope there's something left of your fingernails after all that anticipation. Gone is the ambiguous-but-sexy Kate Beckinsale banner (not so tactfully lifted from Deviant Artist Joruji) and upon us is the... well, still pretty ambiguous but still pretty sexy Black Caesar banner courtesy your friendly neighborhood Birdie Num Nums.

Also upon us is the freedom of the "Minima Lefty Stretch" template and a larger font for easier reading. Along with this comes a less nonsense-ridden sidebar and the implementation of jump breaks... all in the favor of being warm and friendly to readers while maintaining some semblance of panache.

Furthermore I have reinstated my pre-2009 work for posterity's sake. Casual reviews once shared on community sites such as Rotten Tomatoes, Suntory Times and Netflix are once again viewable right here... but please don't read them, they're terrible. Seriously though, check 'em out. Wait, er...

Possibly the most major updates, however, come in the form of fresh categories (and snazzy new buttons to accompany them, featuring shots from some of the greatest films ever made... and Ultraviolet). Thar be "Quickies" - for when I want to share my take on a film with the blogosphere but don't feel like buckling in for a full-length review - and "Articles" - for the times I feel crazy enough to weigh in on a snippet of current cinematic affairs. Also new is "What to Watch" in which I'll revisit some of my favorite recommendations then twist your arm to see them yourself.

Another new category takes precedence... and will soon be introduced in full. "Baadasssss Blaxploitation" will chronicle my journey through one of the most fun subgenres American cinema has put forth. I will feast my mind on every applicable title I can get my hands on and finally culminate with a list of what I feel are the very greatest examples of blaxploitation.

So... thank you, Kate. You've done me well and will not be forgotten... but make way for Tommy Gibbs!

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