FILM: Dark Departure (2007)

In August, 2007, I was prepping to take my leave of Orlando. Friend Ryan Stevens and I shared an anticipation of the then-upcoming release of Rob Zombie's Halloween due to a love of Carpenter's original and of Zombie's filmmaking (which at that point only consisted of the bold House of 1,000 Corpses and the excellent The Devil's Rejects) and with time running out before I was to take off, we decided to make our own Michael movie.

We had just over one day to formulate a story, recruit some buddies for a party/chase sequence and shoot (oh, and buy a camcorder). It became like our own little 24-Hour Film Festival, just without the editing process, which in this case took place at my leisure.

I wound up returning to Orlando in 2008 and over a period of about 6 months we filmed a sequel (poster pictured above). I am confident the sequel will blow the original out of its blood-soaked trousers while maintaining the casual, two-dudes-and-a-camera atmosphere. It will be gracing this blog as soon as the editing is complete.

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