UPDATE: Tweaks; New Magazine!

With the advent of Blogger's template design system, there have been some colorful tweaks made to WTYWTD's appearance. Pink and blue: always a winning combo. Well, never a losing one, anyway. In the midst of all this tweaking I have also scaled back the label system to pertain only to the post types navigable via the sidebar's buttons. All those film titles were getting in the way.

So... a bit of prefacing before delving into the big news. By popular demand, Behold Naples has converted to a singles network for the Southwest Florida city. Writer contributions from the January/February and March/April issues (the latter pictured left), including my first published piece ever in the Crazy Heart review, are still available through the "Articles" section of their domain. Contributions originally intended for what would have been the May/June issue, along with my Clash of the Titans review, are also available.

Here's the super scoop - my gracious editor from Behold Naples (with whom it was truly a pleasure to work) benevolently recommended me to Bayfront Magazine, a website geared toward fashion, beauty and wellness with plans to print - that's right, PRINT(!!!) - a quarterly 'zine starting this September. It has already been a fun and productive ride writing for Bayfront and that's just accounting for barely a month thus far. The Sex and the City 2 review previously posted here was written for the Bayfront site and is viewable under the "Entertainment" tab there. Much, much more to come!

To more effectively wrangle my growing number of published pieces and commemorate my love of Rocky (and, really, Stallone in general), I've added a new button to the sidebar. I also removed the Easy Rider-themed "What to Watch" since it wasn't going anywhere (Sorry, Dennis... and thank you). Similarly, I broadened the purpose of the "Baadasssss Blaxploitation" button, simply converting it to "Lists". I still absolutely plan to take in as much of the great blaxploitation sub-genre as possible but in researching just how many exist and how many of them aren't even readily available, I decided to take it easy. Hell, even before making that decision I hadn't so much as written capsule reviews for the ones I have seen (and seen again and again and again because they're so damn good), so it just makes more sense to hold off and do a best-of list when... well, when it makes sense. In the meantime, expect a Best of the Masters of Horror list and a Best Non-Rocky Boxing Movies list!

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