FILM: Scream Until You're Hoarse: Pre-Pro Turbulence

Little over a week has passed since our first cast meeting and thankfully, little has changed. We're on course to shoot principle photography the week of July 18th with special effect shots scheduled for... well, whenever it makes sense to schedule them. Conveniently, our somewhat modest plans for the effects department (Gerner & Spears out of New York) don't coincide with principle so we can take our time ensuring they're to our bloody satisfaction prior to their incorporation.

One thing has unfortunately changed. Our salesman, Jim Raposa (the action behind Corey Feldman's Donatello voice in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III), had to drop out due to a minor but crucial SAG stipulation regarding low-/no-budget productions. Jim's performance at our table read was fantastic, only being outshone by his enthusiasm to do even better. The alliterative mouthful of a role will be recast but Jim's continuing contribution to our film shall remain ever appreciated.

On the other end of casting news, we have discovered the embodiment of our final female character!  Our innkeeper Steven Schlussel's thespian daughter, Elisabeth Hazelton, captivated us with an evocative audition, easily landing the part. Additionally, it looks as though some extras are lined up and may also help in departments such as hair and makeup. Continuing even further with the positive, we have extremely conducive property managers at The Wilburton Inn ready to facilitate the shoot with more generosity than we could reasonably wish for.

So, until next time (and beyond, natch), we'll be working on minor script tweaks and a better defined shot list in the interest of the best possible end product. Keep watching!

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