FILM: 5-Pound Heavyweight (2010)

For a couple months I've had the eye of the tiger for Stevie Tomato's Sports Page's eating challenge - the 5-Pound Heavyweight burger. Though generally I try to eat healthy and in moderation, I've always been able to eat hefty and greasy when I want to. On a typical night out I'll have no problem dusting off a few pints of whatever draught is on special, a giant appetizer of cheesy, bacon-  and jalepeƱo-smothered fries and a handful of a sandwich before still wanting anyone's leftovers. Got an extra-large, supreme-toppings pizza you don't want? Pass it my way, it'll be gone within the hour. In 2007 I waltzed into a Wendy's, stacked two 3/4-pounders on top of one another and successfully went to town. This Heavyweight was made for me.

Well, I thought it was made for me... for a while there I was under the impression it was 2 pounds of beef with 3 pounds of lettuce, tomato and bun. It's actually 3 pounds of beef with 2 pounds of the other stuff. After learning the truth of the extra meat, I began to get nervous. My goal became to at least eat 3/4s, but of course I was going in trying to finish no matter what. A discussion/betting thread for the event can be viewed here on The Corrierino.

Oddly (perhaps), where on many days leading up to the eventual night of the food fight I felt more than ready to tackle the mother in spite of a lack of preparation, after 36 hours of prep for the real deal I wasn't feeling as hungry (in multiple ways). I had been fasting those long 36 aside from a small bowl of Kashi GoLean to help out the ol' metabolism the day of and a small helping of a protein shake (homemade - the only way to go) to give me a kickstart about an hour and a half before showtime. All the while I was drinking tons of water to keep my stomach from shrinking (a tip from an 11 Points interview with Patrick "Deep Dish" Bertoletti) and I did some decent working out in the afternoon to work up an appetite. Without that drive I had felt somewhat randomly on other days, though, I definitely had a battle ahead. Thankfully I had my very supportive girlfriend on my arm!

From here I'll let the videos speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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