FILM: Scream Until You're Hoarse: Full Gallop Ahead!

Principle is impending. Less than six days remain before photography begins on Scream Until You're Hoarse. The script is finalized. Costume and prop requirements are on the verge of fulfillment. Two rehearsals are in the bag, both having gone well. Also... Jim Raposa is back on board! Well, we think. The Screen Actors' Guild paperwork gave us a bit of a run-around but unless something unexpected is hurled our way, all is now well and Donatello is our salesman once more. We have an understudy (yours, truly) ready to go just incase.

The current issue is cinematography. Most of our shot list is complete but our DPs dipped, leaving us to light this nag ourselves. Now, lighting may not be our expertise but we're fine tackling it. Worrying about it along with camera operation, script supervision producing and directing among other things, however, will be trickier. In the four(-ish) days we have prior to the shoot, I don't expect we'll sleep much.

The key challenge thus far has been developing a film over such a geographical distance, but we're finally looking at the most crucial phase and the new challenge is building the confidence to wrangle our cast. We are indeed lucky to have a talented cast on our hands but further molding and smoothing must happen to attain our precise vision, and we need to be up to the task of this performance pottery, if you will. So often is it easier to sheepishly allow a less than ideal offering simply for the sake of maintaining amiability... but amiability here is not our ultimate goal.

I fly to Vermont this Thursday at which point Birdie and I will go bananas tying up the loose ends of pre-production, including locking down a caterer, attaining the final props, determining lighting schemes and, of course, testing out snappy suits to ensure we make the behind-the-scenes look goooood. Then... we're hot to trot.

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