UPDATE: Bayfront; Buttons!

Last update I announced my involvement with Bayfront Magazine, but, for lack of anywhere else to plop it, the accompanying image was Behold Naples' March/April cover featuring my name in relation to my first published piece, a review of Crazy Heart. May have been confusing, but scratch your scalp no longer and meet the mock-up.

Pictured left is a test cover for Bayfront's first issue, due on newsstands September 10th with preceding red carpet launch parties in both Naples and Miami (I'll be lookin' snazzy in my new vest, next to my lovely lady at the Naples one). Look for several of my articles and reviews from the mag to be transcribed WTYWTD around that time.

For now, though... who's got the button? WTYWTD has 7 new buttons, thanks to a near-all-nighter pulled by yours truly. A bit of tinkering remains to be done, but courtesy Rocky Balboa, Singin' in the Rain, Burst Angel, Catwoman, Khadak, Æon Flux and, of course, Vanilla Sky, the sidebar has been overhauled yet again to my soft pink/sky blue satisfaction.

So the fallen buttons will not be forgotten, here they are for your viewing pleasure (or pain):

And, for funsies, here are a few from the last batch and this new one that didn't quite make the cut:


In miscellaneous news, I will be facing off against the 5-Pound Heavyweight Champ Burger at Stevie Tomato's Sports Page's Pebblebrooke location this Saturday the 10th. I've been eyeballing that beast all summer and while I'm no competitive eater - or a veteran of any kind when it comes to this breed of challenge - I'm confident I can down it. I'm in better shape than I've ever been and I'm going in with a game plan. I have 30 minutes to finish 3 pounds of beef, 1 pound of bun and a half pound each of lettuce and tomato. If I dust it off, the meal is free. Hopefully I can nab video or at least some snapshots of the event to post here... or, if anything, on my Facebook.

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