FILM: Text-to-Movie: Platypus Arse & Monkey Brains

Have I already jumped the Xtranormal shark? I'd like to think not... I'm still exploring new grounds with the software... but six videos (Set, Crush, O.M.G., Compatibility Lab 2.0 and the three-part Conversations in Rohmer) in three days? Yipes. Well, here's another.

While I do plan to make more full-fledged projects with this (like the O.M.G. sequel I'm going to bust out of "State" with whenever I get around to downloading and toying with that offline version of Xtranormal's software), in the meantime I'm having fun with videos aimed to entertain acquaintances with you-had-to-be-there fare. This one is slightly more accessible than Compatibility Lab 2.0, but... well, you'll see (or you won't - your choice).

Platypus Arse & Monkey Brains is inspired by a night of drinking with new friends at a new bar on '50s Karaoke Night. Enjoy!

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