FILM: Text-to-Movie: Robot Rap

Another day, another Xtranormal video.

One of my favorite bits of Platypus Arse & Monkey Brains is when the male character, after falling under the Platypus Arse's influence, declares, "Wah wah woobly, done it down the toobly. Get going through my hum drum drog and a clappity clum... bum to bum to bum to bum... it's the only way to fly." It wasn't intended to sound like he was freestyle rapping a string of nonsense because no real words were coming to his mind... but that's precisely what it sounded like to me when I played it back.

I took this idea of freestyle jibber-jabber and ran with it (using a single character setting this time), connecting my brain directly to my fingertips and typing whatever came to mind - sensical or otherwise. I ended up with such lines as, "Wonkoggle run gickitaw gicktozzle" and "Einflagoogle in jarverherm van loots." Not surprisingly, perhaps, these lines didn't work as well as the "Wah wah woobly" of Platypus, and while some of the loose chin waggling does still appear, it's kept to a minimum in favor of lines featuring actual dictionary words. Oh, these lines are just as improvised... they're just slightly more understandable.

As stated when I linked to this through my Facebook page (tagging Birdie Num Nums since his current interest in Lil' Wayne was somewhat of an inspiration here), this is recommended for 17+ fans of robots, rap, tainted bubble baths and oil can shenanigans.

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