FILM: Text-to-Movie: Set, Crush

When I first met Jim Raposa in person - to block his biggest scene in Scream Until You're Hoarse three days prior to filming - he provided me with the opportunity to write one-act plays for his theater department at the Burr & Burton Academy. I had three ideas right away, based on long-gestating feature film ideas I had never quite wrapped my head around. With each requiring still further marinating in the developmental stage, however, I found it more logical to tackle simpler ideas as they came to me. The first of these ideas was Set, Crush.

Having completed and submitted the first draft of Set, Crush and finding interest in Xtranormal's Text-to-Movie feature, I decided to try my hand at creating a visual accompaniment. I thought I'd aim for a better idea of the script's sound, but discovering Xtranormal's sensible limitations lowered that aim, more simply, to having fun tinkering with the software.

The play's eight characters have been boiled down to two (the female character here essentially represents three characters of the play), and their snappy, Singin'-in-the-Rain-style dialogue has been scaled back a dimension or two. The tone has certainly shifted and now the remaining characters are rather creepy and manipulative, respectively. It's an interesting take on my material.

Hopefully, if Jim decides he likes the script and moves forward with it, there will be video of a performance to share. Either way, I'm fairly sure I'll be converting this into a short film relatively soon. The Stephen-Hawking-esque deliveries from the virtual actors do take away from the initial impression, I'm sure... but being familiar with the source myself, I find it hilarious. It will be nice to present a more substantial production in the near future.

Anyway, please enjoy the video, embedded below!

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