FILM/REVIEW: Xtra Rohmer

Did you happen to notice the "Conversations in Rohmer" I transcribed here from The Corrierino's Welcome to the Abyss thread and think, "Golly gee, I sure would like to read those, but look at all... that... text... perhaps I'll just imagine what they discussed and call it good"? Well, allow me to offer a potential solution: audio/visual translations via Xtranormal's Text-to-Movie software!

I discovered the software for myself after seeing a few hilarious videos posted around Facebook (about Final Fantasy XI's vast superiority over World of Warcraft and the plight of sound mixers... videos I'd link to if I could find them again...) and whipped together a boiled-down version of my first one-act play, Set, Crush, and the short, chic story of two girls and a cafeteria incident, O.M.G. (to which I'm planning a sequel). It was an Xtranormal translation of a discussion between myself and Abyss thread co-chief LEAVES (which was so surprisingly well-received that, oddly enough, it's my most popular film to date... even though I don't particularly consider it one of my "films"), however, that sparked the idea to translate the Rohmer discussions between myself and kiddo in space (whose spicy Mexican heritage I was sadly unable to represent in the videos). By the by, the video of the LEAVES discussion, Compatibility Lab 2.0, can be viewed here.

If you've got thirty minutes (or three ten-minute slices of time hither and thither) to kill, this may prove a simpler way to catch up on some fresh first impressions of La collectionneuse, Le genou de Claire and L'amour, l'apr├ęs-midi. Oh, and a note about the proceedings: to aid the adaptation from text-based conversation to a 10-minute video format, I've edited and some of the dialogue. Anyway... enjoy!

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