FILM: Scream Until You're Hoarse: Teaser Trailer

After all these production diary posts, we finally have a juicy taste of Scream Until You're Hoarse for what is hopefully your viewing pleasure. We are working with composer Andrew Edwards (whose blog, Blue Police Box, can be visited here, with a post mentioning our film here), and Edwards has warmed up his horror chords with an original score specifically for this teaser.

You will see in the teaser some absentee shots (denoted by text screens) that require that funding to complete (as opposed to the out-of-pocket fashion by which we completed principle photography). These shots' completion is the goal here, as this file will be uploaded as part of a Kickstarter.com package in effort to raise the required money. As could have been expected due to this relatively unusual and backwards plan for fundraising, delays have pushed the full film's final cut back to sometime in Spring 2011. This, of course, does not mean anything less than ideal for the finished product... in fact it could mean improvements since we have that much more time to perfect our effects. Perffects.

We have also been written about on the main page of the Manchester Journal's art section in an article by its managing editor, readable here. The article covers the general aspects of pre-production and principle and, through interviews with locals involved including Jim Raposa and Wilburton Inn owner Albert Levis, foreshadows possible future Manchester-based productions.

For now, though - enjoy the screamy hoarseness:

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