HORRORTHON '10 INTRO: All the Colours of a Blood-Soaked Screen

This year, to celebrate the month leading up to Halloween, I've been invited to participate in a thread of horror movie reviews on The Corrierino with Rdog, Anton, kiddo in space and Trevor-Trevor. The thread's banner (above) was made by none other than Birdie Num Nums. The complete thread and my fellow participants' contributions can be followed in the thread itself but for posterity I will be posting my contributions to We Told You What to Dream as well.

For starters, an introductory blurb describing in brief why I love horror:

Frankenstein's monster! Mr. Hyde!! Jason Voorhees!!! Your marrow will broil... your blood curdle... if you dare enter the house of a thousand screams!! Well... heh... honestly, I haven't always been a horror fan. Sure, The Shining petrified me, a couple spare slashers passed for adequate entertainment on rare occasion and I even found love for William Malone's remake of House on Haunted Hill along with other flukes such as Rob Zombie's outings with the Firefly Family, but the genre at large remained mostly taboo until recent years. Dare I confess... I would generally look down my nose at most relevant offerings. It seems odd in retrospect, what with several of my own shorts being highly derivative of '80s genre icons. I don't anymore recall specifically what turned me around... but I fondly remember an introduction to Hammer's Dracula films, a comprehensive Friday the 13th marathon and a brief but momentous conversation with the great Tom Savini and imagine these three events have much to do with what is now a great admiration of the horror universe. But what, then, is horror to me? Horror is raw, unrestrained creativity. It barrels straight to our human reactor cores. It is a genre playing by its own rules in defiance of its cinematic peers. A good horror film will keep you on guard, perhaps with an occasional sick grin, and make you wonder aloud, "How'd they do that!?" And sometimes... if you're lucky enough to survive the gruesome aesthetic onslaught... the film you select may... just may... provide a cleverly veiled exploration of poignant social matters... or perversions...