Nestle Milo


Price: $1.29
Found at: Publix
Key ingredients: Vitamin B12
Food in play: Oats & Dark Chocolate Nature's Valley bar
Circumstance: Returning from a hot and lazy half-hour at the pool; heading out for a movie

Taste: Well, better than Slim Fast, anyway. Imagine chocolate milk after someone's dropped in just the tiniest little dash of chalk dust. (3/5)

Effect: Painful, intermittent pangs occurred from the time of consumption through around the 45-minute mark. Ouch! I'm actually giving this the benefit of the doubt, though, seeing as my rapid guzzle rate this time around could have played a role in the bellyaching. On the positive side, within ten minutes I was feeling a good jolt of pure energy. All of a sudden I was ready for anything, rejuvenated. This initial boost lasted maybe 20 minutes but was followed by a steady flow of power for about an hour, although it may have lasted longer were I exercising. (3.5/5)

Skinny: Strong out the door and sticks around for more... just not very long. There's a reason the can features an athlete. The lack of carbonation and chocolate base (big time glucose, baby) will do well for anyone benched for dragging and dying for a second shot.

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