UPDATE: Bayfront Launch: Naples; Redesigns

On September 10th the inaugural issue of Bayfront Magazine becomes available in Los Angeles, New York City, Washington DC and across its home base in South Florida (primarily Naples and Miami). On the 1st a launch party/fashion show was held at the Blue Martini at Mercato, emceed by DJ Memphis, the cover bachelor of the Behold Naples (now Behold Florida) e-zine's second issue.

The magazine itself looks fantastic on firm, glossy stock. My contributions are a tribute to Brittany Murphy and an article detailing what some Twi-hards may not know about Kristen Stewart's true talent, and they - along with all the other articles and spreads - are presented beautifully with creative layouts and stunning photography. For posterity, teasers for each will be transcribed to WTYWTD once the mag hits shelves.

Pictured below are highlights from Keith Isaac's event photography featuring photographer Chris Nagy, models Kamla McKenzie, Cinthya Sanchez, Catherine Beckett and Lorena Placencia, Bayfront Editor in Chief Julie Rabbani, DJ Memphis and Omid Rabbani. The models are wearing Claudette Willis designs from Petunia's of Naples along with designs from Lux Boutique, BCBG and Soma Intimates with hair and makeup by Salon International.

Now what you're really here for (ha, right): blog updates! A little Birdie has come through yet again with a killer WTYWTD banner, this time of my beloved Ke$ha. I couldn't bear to retire the great Tommy Gibbs so soon, though, so I repurposed him as you will see in the sidebar along with David Aames (Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky) and the sophomore incarnation of WTYWTD's Kate Beckinsale banner. Most button images replaced up top have been repurposed lower as colorful links to my various online profiles. Button goodbyes go out to ├ćon Flux and Khadak.

Perhaps the most major addition for this round of updates are the pages. Instead of the category buttons simply pulling up every entry with corresponding tags, they now pull up more easily navigable lists of those entries. Not only does this function as an easier in-blog search system, it doubles as a nice portfolio for me!

Blogspot has also added a very nice feature in the Stats tab, allowing we bloggers to track our pageviews and referring sites. I'm happy to report that with readers not only through the US and Canada but in select countries across Europe, South America and Africa, one of my favorite entries, Top 5 on Gorillaz' Plastic Beach, is in a commanding lead with 136 pageviews, distantly followed by the article Ke$ha, Pronounced at 42. The top searches leading people here, humorously enough, are "mamma mia wedding dress" and "flesh gordon penisaur". Top referring sites are The Corrierino (understandable seeing as my posts join those of other members on the front page) and Surrealz Movies (honestly no idea how that happened, as I don't think I've so much as visited the site).

Finally and least importantly (but still totally coolio in my book), the sidebar banner for 25th Floor Tees has seen a second redesign and is now accompanied by a matching banner for my now re-branded energy drink(/supplement, maybe) review blog, Bloodshot Energy. Bloodshot has seen its own redesign (the new banner is a cropped and manipulated version of a Euphoric Energy promotional image) and I plan to return to it soon for more write-ups on the bubbly that keeps my eyes wide open.

That's all for now! Keep your eyes peeled for those Brittany Murphy and Kristen Stewart teasers... and come 2011... well... I'll keep that under wraps for now.

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