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In attempt to go more contemporarily traditional with networking and promotion, I've started a Facebook page for We Told You What to Dream where I'll post links to new entries and whatever else I may deem suitable. Any and all "likes" are greatly appreciated. With my commitment to continued quality and improvements thereof, you know I'll be striving to ensure you don't regret giving me the key to your news feed.

I've also returned a fourth time to Twitter under the very creative username TomStoup (for non-professional purposes I typically go by "Mod Hip"). Following me now will yield links to each new WTYWtD post as well as reviews on my energy drink blog, Bloodshot Energy. You'll also likely be subjected to the occasional tweet or re-tweet regarding whatever entertainment I'm obsessed with in the moment (as could be anticipated right now, I'm stalking Milla Jovovich's tweets as she gushes about Resident Evil: Afterlife's hugely deserved financial success and the commencement of filming on her husband Paul W.S. Anderson's upcoming Three Musketeers).

So with all this talk of networking and the notion for a WTYWtD podcast falling by the wayside (for now), the sidebar menu's bottommost button has been repurposed as "Networks" for those who dare check me out on the aforementioned social sites, last.fm, MyAnimeList or YouTube (and whatever other sites I may add in the future). I try to keep my sidebar nice and tidy but sometimes I get overexcited and bog it down with buttons and widgets... and that networks list I had going since the last update was just becoming an eyesore (ha... didn't last very long, did it?)... but because I am oddly OCD about the preservation of my sidebar's history, here are the retired buttons (along with a few previously retired but as of yet un-posted ones):

So, I've become rather obsessed with Blogspot's new Stats tab. Not only is it extremely interesting, it's extremely conducive to my narcissism. So... a few top-five lists:

- LIST: Top Five on Gorillaz' Plastic Beach (148 views)
- REVIEW: Resident Evil: Afterlife (44 views)
- ARTICLE: Ke$ha, Pronounced (42 views)
- REVIEW: 2012 (37 views)
- REVIEW: La collectionneuse (33 views)

Keyword Referrals
- Mamma Mia Wedding Dress
- Scream Until Your [sic] Hoarse
- Flesh Gordon Penisaur
- Momir Gajic
- Robert Pattinson

Website Referrals
- The Corrierino
- An Odyssey Through Film & Nothing Special
- The Future Will Soon Be a Thing of the Past
- Birdie Num Nums
- Surreal Moviez

Non-US Countries
- Denmark
- Canada
- United Kingdom
- Germany
- Russia

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