Amp Elevate


Price: $1.99
Found at: Target
Key ingredients: L-Theanine, Guarana, Ginseng, Taurine, B Vitamins
Food in play: Whole grain bagel w/1/3rd fat cream cheese, bowl of Kashi GoLean w/skim milk
Circumstance: Waking up relatively early for daughter's first trip to the zoo

Taste: Elevate is Amp's mixed berry offering, and if the phrase "mixed berry" conjures phantom candy flavors, you've probably got a solid idea what Elevate tastes like. I can't say it was falling in love but my tastebuds were sufficiently entertained from can crack to final slurp. (3.5/5)

Effect: The "kick of L-Theanine" is aimed to enhance focus, and, well, sure. I wasn't unfocused, anyway. I certainly wasn't lethargic or apathetic or anything. Elevate's boost is a subtle one with absolutely zero side effects that gradually fades over the course of about 6 hours. Of course, with how covert the effect really is, you won't notice the fade unless you're really paying attention, or, in other words, if you're extra focused! (3.5/5)

Skinny: Not offensive in any way, just not anything super-spectacular. Elevate is right in line with what else I've experienced from the Amp line so far. As with other Amps, I'll gladly fall back on it if there's nothing preferable available.

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