Crunk!!! Mango-Peach (Take 2)


Price: Free! (Case won through a contest on Crunk's Facebook page)!!
Found at: N/A
Key ingredients: Ashwaganda, Ginseng, Guarana, Horny Goat Weed, Skull Cap, White Willow
Food in play: Four Cheese Lean Pocket
Circumstance: Shopping; carving pumpkins

Taste: Tough to come up with more to say about Crunk's great flavors. Best compliment I can pay this one that I haven't yet declared of it is that it may well be Crunk's best. I first fell for their Citrus, then their Grape-Acai... and this one goes even further. Beyond delicious. (5/5)

Effect: Phew! That last can of Mango-Peach had me worried Crunk had fumbled somewhere when they created this flavor! This one kept me going through a lengthy shopping trip and an exhausting pumpkin-carving session with ease. The only downside was that it kept me buzzing long past the desired duration and I was wide awake until around six in the morning... but for the drink itself's purposes, that's a claim to fame, not a detractor... so I'm not too distraught about it. (4.5/5)

Skinny: If there's one bad thing about Crunk, it's that you'll occasionally run into a bum can. So much goes into each individual product that I guess the mixture gets unbalanced every so often... maybe? I'm not sure. In the 50+ cans I've savored since discovering the stuff, at least three have been bogus either flavor or effect-wise. Clearly the first Mango-Peach I reviewed suffered from this, but thankfully this one here made up for it with a double-whallop.

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