Crunk!!! Mango-Peach


Price: Free (case won through a contest on Crunk's Facebook page)!!
Found at: N/A
Key ingredients: Ashwaganda, Ginseng, Guarana, Horny Goat Weed, Skull Cap, White Willow
Food in play: Four-cheese Lean Pocket
Circumstance: Excursion to the hair salon

Taste: Have I stated enough yet that Crunk's got the flavor game down? Without breaching overly-sugary territory, Mango-Peach brings me back to Sundays spent walking to the local antique dealer to buy nickel Haribo Peach chewies... and then just about any decent mango beverage I've ever had. After a hesitant sip it even received the girlfriend approval with a couple coy pleads for more! (5/5)

Effect: Oh, no, Crunk conflict!! I was beginning to run out of fantastic things to say about the line after all my genuinely enthusiastic reviews, but it doesn't seem I'll have to fish for more here, as Mango-Peach's effect was a shocking disappointment! As usual there were no side effects, but while I can't say I didn't feel a thing I certainly didn't "get Crunk" the way I love to! I'll hope this one's a fluke, but I've got to dock points for integrity's sake. Ouch! (2.5/5)

Skinny: Maybe I'm on Crunk overload and my body's compensating? Hard to say... even without the usual unique and adored effect, there's still no such thing as "too much Crunk", but this was the first time after many cans (including an entire 24-case of the Citrus flavor) that I felt next to no positive. At least there was no negative to speak of! It'll take a lot more than this very minor fluke to dissuade me from the greatest energy drink in the world!

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