Ironclad: Triple Citrus


Price: $2.49
Found at: 7-11
Key ingredients: Taurine, Ribose, L-Luciene, L-Valine, B Vitamins
Food in play: Nature Valley Fruit & Nut bar
Circumstance: Finally getting back in the gym after 3 months of slacking, losing muscle and regaining all the weight I lost over the summer

Taste: If Gatorade produced a lemon/lime iced tea, it'd probably taste just like Ironclad's Triple Citrus offering. I'll admit, while the flavor wasn't offensive by any means, its finish did often nail me with a "bitter energy drink face" (if you will). (2.5/5)

Effect: My motivation to work out peaks sometime between late morning and mid-day... but I typically don't get the chance to hit the gym until evening is setting in. With three months of slacking whispering "Oh, just put it off another few days... it won't hurt..." I desperately needed a kick... and thankfully an Ironclad boot nailed me square in the ass. Before the can was even finished, I was back to my mid-morning self and ready to cardio/freeweight my calories away. This line apparently specializes in hydration, too, which typically means a decreased boost... but to my pleasure I was buzzing throughout my workout in addition to being completely hydrated. (4.5/5)

Skinny: When it comes gym time, Ironclad doesn't mess around. The flavor could use some improving, but the effect gets the job done well. I'd reach for it again for sure.

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