FILM: Friday the 13th (Swede)

If you're unfamiliar, "swede" is a termed coined by Michel Gondry's Be Kind Rewind starring Jack Black and Mos Def as video store clerks who remake destroyed films on VHS through meager, budget-free means. A swede is one of these amateur remakes, named as such for the initial claim they are actually custom-made Swedish versions of American films.

The swede phenomenon caught YouTube fire and for some time my girlfriend Jaime and I have been wanting to do our own swedes. After a couple weeks' deliberation we finally buckled in and over the span of maybe four hours whipped together our own no-budget version of Sean S. Cunningham's 1980 slashterpiece, Friday the 13th.

Having been technologically restricted of late, I resorted to Windows Movie Maker 2.6 to piece the footage together. As you'll hear, the basic software created audio issues a-plenty, but thankfully after a few exports/re-edits I managed to minimize the problem.

We're aiming to put together more swedes soon enough - be on the lookout for Paranormal Activity, Boogie Nights, Vanilla Sky and more! For now... you're doomed:


  1. Awesome! I'm in class but I need to watch this. I look forward to making a night out of this viewing.


    Also I had a revelation this morning as I saw this... In the vien of Charlie Kaufman mind benders... Be Kind Rewind (sweded)! Yeah, I just turned your brain into shit.

  2. Hahaha! Would love to make more Swedes. Obviously have never gotten around to the ones I mentioned above, which came to mind in the silly excitement of making this one.

    Be Kind Rewind sweded... oh man... I don't even... but I... though, it... were there... skip-be-doodly...


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