No Fear (Takes 2 & 3)


Price: $7.99 (4-pack)
Found at: Publix
Key ingredients: Taurine, L-Carnitine, Arginine
Food in play: Modest bowl of Kashi GoLean w/1% milk and a whole grain bagel w/1/3rd fat cream cheese
Circumstance: Still working on getting back into the swing of a gym routine

Taste: I think I put it this way with my initial review of this same drink, and it still stands: This is the best flavored energy drink that actually tastes like an energy drink. Y'know, some taste like different types of fruit candy and all... but some, Red Bull being the prime example, just taste like... well, like energy drinks. I don't know what the "flavor" is, exactly, but sometimes it's better than others and when it comes to No Fear's flagship offering, it's always better than those others. (NOTE: Looks like I actually made the "best energy drink that tastes like an energy drink" about Rockstar. Furthermore, it looks like after making that comment I went on to compliment No Fear's unique, fruity flavor. Ha, so be it). (4/5)

Effect: No Fear has a gradual climb thing going on. It's tricky to get the timing right if you need energy for a specific thing (in my case, hitting the gym after three months of slacking off fitness-wise). It'll nail you with a great, mood-boosting high right away, then fizzle away for a slow climb to its peak... but if you blink at that peak, you'll miss it. Overall I dig it, but it could do me better. Ever a positive, though, it doesn't pack any undesirable side-effects. (3/5)

Skinny: A decent and tasty standby if your main squeeze is out of reach. It'll pick you up, keep you going for a few hours with its climb, then drop you off in crashville. Tough to complain when it's so easy going down without any side-effects, and, really, the kick is passable considering you time it right... but it could be better.

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