UPDATE: Preview ICON and grab a copy before it hits shelves!

Happy early and/or late (depending on your persuasion) holidays! Right now on Yudu the first fifteen pages of Icon's winter issue are available for your ogling pleasure. You may also pick up a full digital version at cover price - a whole week prior to its release in Borders and Barnes & Nobles locations nationwide.

Available in the preview are my interview with Millonaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger (based upon matchmaker Lindsay Meholick's questions) and DJ Memphis' interview with KIIS FM's Dave Styles.

The full issue features a Kim Kardashian Q&A with an introduction from yours truly, spotlights on designers Vivienne Westwood (by Candice Sebring-Kelber), Thuy Diep (by Brandy Pham) and k.hendrix (with photography by Sean Ocean), interviews with Steve-O (by me), Vince Thomas (by DJ Memphis) and Natalina Maggio (with styling by Toni Ferrara, who is also interviewed), articles about the women of the Middle East (by Omid Rabbani, MD with photography by editor-in-chief Julie Rabbani) and relationship baggage (by Elon Meles for his "Love & Dating: The Male Perspective" column) and a beautiful Chris Nagy spread with model Kamla Mckenzie... and, of course, much more!

I would particularly like to draw your attention to the Steve-O interview, as it was my first celebrity interview and a piece I am extremely happy with - an enlightening look into the mind of someone many of us know as simply "that dude who hurts himself on television".

On the 21st I will be posting samples of the articles/interviews I wrote/conducted... and I'll sneak in a few nuggets of insight from Steve-O that didn't quite make the magazine's final cut, so be on the lookout for that!

For now, for funsies, I leave you with a low-res version of the press bio and portrait I am lucky enough to have featured on Icon's contributors page (clickable thumbnail right).

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