REVIEW: Just Go With It (Dennis Dugan, 2011)

Save for an allowance of surprisingly tongue-in-cheek (but still uncouth) material it's catch as catch can in the way of humor as Sandler's plebeian punchlines reach new levels of blandness. Irrelevant toilet jokes are even less funny hinged on the preposterous plot that prays its audience is still obeying the title. I would call the proceedings lowbrow were it not for a gag involving an absurdly high brow (of the above-your-eye variety).

No matter how preposterous Sandler's other bad comedies are, at least a pittance is paid to plausibility. Due to comparatively superior establishment, I'll buy "Little Nicky" before I buy this. Formula's formula for a reason though, and I will confess to sneaky, trifling tingles once the key romance kicked in. There's a load more Devlin to sift through ("Devlin" being the film's euphemism for, well, you know...) but the saccharine center is there for couples attempting to enjoy an easy evening. Still, I wonder if there was more behind Sandler's nervously chuckled line to a hula-garbed Aniston, "I'm sorry about this."

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