Unmitigated Self-Indulgence; or, Early 2011 Statistics

Wet, old you. What? To dream, of course. February, 2011 was this blog's most trafficked month to date so I thought I'd (very selfishly) entertain myself with a statistical time capsule kinda sorta like this and this entry's second halves (posted around the time Blogger first introduced the stats tab). Now, these numbers will naturally appear pathetic against any relatively reputable site's, as over the past year (well, ten months, really) I've garnered a mere 7,600 hits... but hey, that tally looks pretty sweet from where I'm sitting! At least people are picking up what I'm putting down. Or at least they're considering picking it up before navigating back to [insert a wildly hilarious and probably NSFW yet made-up URL]. So yeah, what exactly is wafting from WTYWtD that brings in the drifters? What entries have been the most popular and whatnot? Let'sa see.

Top Entries
Music is still bringing in the comparative masses as the ode to one of my favorite recording arts discoveries of last year, Top 5 on Gorillaz' Plastic Beach, is now at a powerful 568 views overall and frequently leads the week-by-week charts. Trailing at 239, 144 and 129 views, respectively, are my two celebrity interviews and one article from the Winter 2010 issue of Icon Magazine (the free preview announcement of which also garnered high hits), Patti Stanger on Men, Dating, Love & Money, Steve-O, Star of "Jackass 3D" and Keeping Up With Kim. I'm pretty happy that several of the entries I've put the most effort in to have riden strong with views between the high eighties and mid one-twenties, including My Month in Review: January '11, Important Film-Viewing Experiences of my 2010 and Resident Evil So Far.... Speaking of "Resident Evil", my review for "Afterlife" was my most popular for a time with 79 views (followed by "Black Swan" somewhere in the mid-60s) but with all Banksy's Oscar controversy the "Exit through the Gift Shop" review has managed to top it with over 90 total views of yet (or maybe it wasn't the controversy, but instead my expert employment of hot Google keywords and phrases like "Palahniukian", "the guitar guy at the party" and "sanitation schedule"). That's somewhat unfortunate, seeing as I'm really not all that happy with my "Gift Shop" write-up, but so it goes [edited to add that for some reason 10 "Gift Shop" hits have disappeared and "Black Swan", post-Portman-Oscar-Win, has overtaken it on the charts with 80 hits]! Some of my published reviews get more attention on Icon's blog, but I don't have access to the stats over there.

Traffic Sources
It's always neat to see worldwide traffic and that Denmark, the U.K. and Germany are still my biggest non-North-American audiences (with nearly 1,000 hits between them), but what really interests me is the Google searches bringing people this way. A few eye-catching ones pop up every so often (the most disturbing yet being something like "keep wife quiet strangling against bedpost" and probably the funniest being "what's wrong with matthew mcconaughey") but they get buried in statistical obscurity and Blogger doesn't allow me to dig them back up [edited to add these from just this evening: "michelle williams acting strange at the oscars" and "bad parenting skills in thank you for smoking"], so here are the big ones. "Mamma mia wedding dress" had been holding strong for some time with 23 hits thus far but over the past week "83rd academy awards predictions" overtook it and now stands at 27 hits. Then just on Sunday a new third placer popped up in the form of "where's jack nicholson at the oscars" (10 hits), myself clearly not being the only one wondering as much (relevant comment at 9:05). Below that it gets a little boring and predictable with stuff like "we told you what to dream" (9 hits), "scream until your [sic] hoarse" (9 hits) and then a bunch of various searches for Kristen Stewart ("kristen stewart face", "kristen stewart twilight"), Kim Kardashian ("kim kardashian face", "kim kardashian boobs"), Natalina Maggio ("natalina maggio fashion magazine", "natalina maggio ultimate fashion magazine"), Patti Stanger ("patti stanger money", "patti stanger boobs"), Steve-O ("steve-o sober", "steve-o intervention") and other Icon Magazine-related topics.

Okay, I think that covers what I'll be curious to recall another year (or, more realistically, a few months) from now when the stats have changed a bit. Thank you for tolerating the interruption. I should be back on Friday with thoughts on "Take Me Home Tonight" and/or "Rango"... and hopefully I'll find time to polish off that Animated Soviet Propaganda series (which needs more click-lovin' - check it out so far here, here and here)!

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