ARTICLE/INTERVIEW: Behind Icon with Editor-in-Chief Julie Rabbani

An excerpt from my piece published in Icon Magazine's Spring 2011 issue.

Spring 2010: Julie Rabbani fires up a local fashion publication for Southwest Florida. Skip ahead to now: she's editor-in-chief for the newly digitized and globalized Icon Magazine you see before you on your computer, iPad, Kindle, or other personal device. How did this quick evolution come about? What spurred the switch from print to digital? Just who is this Julie Rabbani, and why did she conceive a fashion magazine in the first place?

Says Rabbani herself, "Since I was old enough to read I've collected magazines. Elle, W, Women's Wear Daily... I'm obsessed with fashion magazines. There were so many things I loved about it and so many things I hated. I would read the articles, but what was more interesting to me was the photography. I would get the magazines to look at the spreads." On exclusivity, she continues, "Who can really afford a $5,000 jacket in Vogue? I can't afford that, but of course I like to look at it! That's the whole point. When you look in a magazine you're daydreaming. It's like watching a movie - you become one with another reality."

Read the full article in Icon's Spring 2011 issue!

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