Reel Time ep. 17: Claire Denis

Hey, where's Reel Time's mid-year top ten #s 5-1? Well, I must report further (though at this point, quashed) technical difficulties that prevented last week's episode from being published. The results were as follows: 5. "Super 8", 4. "Beginners", 3. "Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part 2", 2. "Midnight in Paris" and 1. "The Tree of Life". Ty hosted myself, Deepayan and Derin, the latter of whom had just seen "Tree" for the first time and shared some unexpected thoughts. For my own musings on our numbers 5, 2 and 1, you can visit my June roundup. We also briefly reviewed "30 Minutes or Less" and "Final Destination 5", my thoughts on which can be read here and here, respectively. From what I could tell it was shaping into a fine episode, and I can hope such quality will maintain nicely as we segue into...

This week's episode, Reel Time introduces a new format in which we focus more on specific directors, starting with Claire Denis, her films "35 Shots of Rum" and "White Material" in particular. Next week: Michael Haneke.

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