Horrorthon '11 (Intro): All the Colours of a Blood-Soaked Screen Part II

An amended team has returned for another October full of horror musings with a banner by Gort (another by Quite-Gone Genie below). Follow the mayhem on The Corrierino, and read my intro piece below, if you dare.

All the Colours... All the Colours... All the Colours. You thought you had beheaded us. Drowned us. Put stakes through our hearts. Shot us, sending us toppling backward from a second story window. Re-imprisoned us within the dream world, "Home Alone" style. But we're resurrected, back for revenge - grown up in to hulking behemoths with newly possessed bodies, freshly sharpened machetes, hungry fangs and just enough extra backstory and/or dubious familial plot twists to justify another meagerly lucrative installment in our still-young franchise - and we've brought new blood to help lay siege on the hospital in which our prior attack has left you under intensive care. Truth is, from pastorally existential quandaries to fluffy rom-com romps, there's a little horror in everything. Or a lot, depending on the case and how you look at it. Whether we know we're experiencing it, whether the filmmakers are aware they're implementing it... it's there, escorting us to varying degrees of fear. Let us take another month to dwell in and examine some of fear's more apparent filmic embodiments... from the cheese to the cheddar and, likely, back again.

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