Reel Time ep. 20: Steven Soderbergh

This week our Director Spotlight format blends with new releases as we - Ty, Andrew, Derin, Deepayan and myself - cover the multifarious and long-rumored-to-be-retiring American filmmaker Steven Soderbergh's latest, "Contagion" - which actually isn't about Matt Damon in the space-suit looking outfit from the teaser poster traveling to a distant planet called "Contagion" (pronounced with a hard 'g', naturally) to fight zombified monkey aliens - and his 1998 film, "Out of Sight" (one might admit, it's quite the episoderbergh). Next week: an even slightly more different approach as we look at Nicolas Winding Refn's new, wave-making "Drive" along with what many are calling its key inspiration, Michael Mann's "Thief". And, by the way, if you like us, be sure to like us! ...Or follow us! ...Or subscribe via iTunes! ...Or all three!

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