Reel Time ep. 21: Drive; Thief

For a slightly different approach in effort to construct the most testosterone-fueled podcast episode ever, this week we review the deserving 2011 recipient of Cannes' Best Director Award Nicolas Winding Refn's new proponent of pulp and all-around excellent piece of cinema, "Drive", along with one of its stylistic forerunners, Michael Mann's 1981 "Thief". Ty Landis hosts Andrew Cate, Deepayan Sengupta and myself for an enthusiastic discussion about why we love the current release, why many others don't, and how it is similar - or not - to that Mann and other predecessors such as "Taxi Driver". Keep an ear out for a simultaneous climax from Andrew and myself upon Ty's brief mention of the score.

Next week: "Moneyball" and a countdown of our top 5 most anticipated releases remaining for 2011.

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