Reel Time ep. 22: Moneyball; Most Anticipated Films Remaining for 2011

Never mind that pesky Apple logo in the corner... it is apparently quite difficult to find non-watermarked "Moneyball" trailers of passable screencapping quality! Anyhow, yes, the much-buzzed "Moneyball" is indeed the subject of review on this fully crewed new episode hosted of course by Ty Landis and featuring Andrew Cate, Derin Spector, Deepayan Sengupta and myself. We also discuss a top 5 list (or... 6, seeing as two titles tied for 5th) of our most anticipated films remaining for the calendar year (along with many others), compiled to form a consensus based upon our own individual lists (mine of which can be read in relative detail here).

We have also debuted our new blog collective at thereeltimepodcast.wordpress.com - check it out!

Next week: Spotlight on legendary director Robert Altman!

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